Advanced Solutions


Consultancy in fire safety

AVANTEC technicians have great expertise in consultancy within fire safety regulation and legislation obligations. Companies in Portugal have to implement Self-Protection measures, consisting in Preventive, Maintenance and Emergency Plans. The complexity of the legislation, with fire codes, building codes and norms, makes this a field of work tailored to experts.

In this field, some of our services are:

  • Fire Risk Analysis
  • Prevention, Maintenance and Emergency Plans
  • Training
  • Fire Drills
  • Design of fire safety measures for existing buildings

Fire Safety Design

Fire Safety Design for new and existing buildings

In the past decade, AVANTEC has been involved with some of the greater projects in Portugal in the civil construction field. From shopping centres to new schools and universities, including the new network of hospitals and health care centres, we have a great experience at dealing with the design, construction and exploitation phases. From the tender towards the opening, working in several sites, with multi-disciplinary teams, in Portugal and abroad, AVANTEC technicians, in cooperation with some of the most important players of the market.

Our aim is to develop sustainable and safe buildings, without jeopardizing the architectural layout. By using performance based design, the fire codes and a mix of "good judgment" in the pursuit of the best possible solution, with low cost, easy maintenance, favouring passive measures in opposite of active systems, providing safe and also economical buildings.

Some examples:

  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospitals, Health Care Centres, Senior and Retirement Centres
  • Public and Private Schools and Universities
  • Industry

Modelling and Simulation

Computer modelling and simulation

The technological evolution is deeply connected with all scientific areas, and fire safety is no exception. Fire risk analysis nowadays with fire and smoke evolution, crowd modelling in emergency situations, is only possible with computer simulation. Advanced and complex systems are needed to design and explore the complex buildings of today. Validation and optimization are only possible using the most advanced technology. This is the right direction to Performance Based Design.

Using Serious Games, we aim to explore the virtual reality dimension to train, educate, but also to validate emergency plans and create a safer world.

Some of our expertise and services:

  • Fire Risk Analysis
  • Fire modelling and simulation
  • Crowd behaviour modelling
  • Virtual reality scenarios using Serious Games
  • Training of occupants and respond services
  • Virtual Fire Drills